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Advanced multi-language networking library for Roblox.

import Net from "@rbxts/net";
const Remotes = Net.Definitions.Create({
PrintMessage: Net.Definitions.ClientToServerEvent<[message: string]>(),
MakeHello: Net.Definitions.ServerAsyncFunction<(message: string) => string>()
export default Remotes;

Contextual Networking API

Remotes are managed entirely by RbxNet. All you need are identifiers for the remotes.

The code is segregated, to make the APIs more clean and clear.

Net.Server is for server code, Net.Client is for client code. Simple as that.

Networking Middleware

RbxNet comes with built-in useful middleware such as TypeChecking and RateLimit, but you can also roll your own custom middleware.

Definitions API

Take advantage of the declarative Definitions API, which allows you to define your remote instances in one place, and use from both the server and client.