Version: 2.1.5


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Roblox Networking (RbxNet) v2.1

RbxNet is a networking library for Roblox, built in TypeScript. It simplifies the creation and management of networking in Roblox.


  • Creation and usage of remotes through "identifiers". Management of the remotes themselves are done by Net itself.
  • More explicit, contextual APIs. Net.Server for server-based API, and Net.Client for client-based API.
  • Ability for remote definitions through Net.Definitions.
  • Asynchronous functions - Net.*.AsyncFunction. No more pitfalls of regular remote functions.
  • Asynchronous callbacks and methods: because it's a roblox-ts library, it supports promises.
  • Middleware - Ability to add your own custom behaviours to remotes. Net comes with a runtime type checker, and a rate limiter middleware.
  • Net.*.GameMessagingEvent - interact with MessagingService like you would with regular remote events. Cross-server communication with the simple API. All the limitations are handled by Net.