Welcome to the release of v3.0 of RbxNet.

A lot of these changes are based on feedback from the users of RbxNet, as well as some other changes I've wanted to make to RbxNet for a while.

New additions#

  • Added Net.CreateDefinitions(...) as an alias for Net.Definitions.Create(...)
  • Added Net.Util namespace for utility types for Net.
  • Added (finally) Net.Definitions.ExperienceBroadcastEvent - Way to communicate between multiple servers in the same experience. (using MessagingService)

Changes since v2.x#

  • By default, remotes on the server are automatically generated
  • The old legacy Net.Server and Net.Client API has been reduced to just the objects.
  • (Breaking change) The second argument of CreateDefinitions or Definitions.Create is now a configuration object. This includes:
    • ServerGlobalMiddleware - The global middleware to apply to all remotes
    • ServerAutoGenerateRemotes - Manual control whether or not the framework generates remotes automatically at runtime on the server. Set this false if you want to preserve the v2.1.x behaviour.
    • ClientGetShouldYield - Whether or not <definition>.Client.Get should yield until the remote exists - otherwise error. Set this false if you want to preserve v2.1.5's behaviour.


  • The legacy Serialization API. This was never publically available, however was removed finally in this version. It might be brought back later once the design is properly figured out.
  • Legacy functions in Net.Server and Net.Client related to remote creation/fetching.


This change fixes the types relating around the changes in @rbxts/compiler-types@1.0.0-beta.13.1