Version: 2.1.5

Install for Luau

Depending on your stack for Roblox, you might want to either use the Rojo step or the Studio step. If you don't know what Rojo is, use the Studio step.

Via Rojo#

The following steps require knowledge and use of rojo. If you're not using rojo, look at studio instructions.

Install via Wally#

First, if you haven't already - Install Wally.

Then, in your wally.toml file for your project, put under dependencies:

# ...
# ...
Net = "vorlias/net@2.1.4"

Then run

wally install

Manually install via git submodules#


This method, while works... isn't the nicest way to do it.

Execute in powershell or bash:

git submodule add -b luau submodules/Net

Then you can include it in your *.project.json file like so:

// ...
"ReplicatedStorage": {
// ...
"Net": {
"$path": "submodules/Net/dist"
// ...
// ...

And now you can use rbx-net like so:

local Net = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Net)

Via Studio#

RBXMX model file#

Releases can be found here. Download the appropriate .rbxmx file under the Assets dropdown, then drag it into studio. Ensure the library is under ReplicatedStorage so it can be used by all your code.